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book Fair
The elementary book fair will be next week.  
Regular hours are 7:45am-3:15pm,
Tuesday & Friday open at 7:00am, Friday closes at noon.

Special Events:
Tuesday - grab some Grub with Grandparents 7am; donuts served
Wednesday - Mutiny with Momma’s 2:30-4:00pm
Friday - Bagels with Dads 7:00am

The Berryhill PTA works hard to support our schools.  All money earned from fundraising is used to fulfill teacher requests and classroom needs for our children.  Last year the PTA was able to put over $17,ooo  back into our school.  This would never be possible without the participation of all parents.  We thank you for your support and participation.  As many of you know, our schools have suffered from a decrease in funding and the PTA is striving to make up for that deficiency.  All participation in our fundraising efforts is appreciated.  All PTA money spent is posted on this website.  Thank You again for making our school great!